PLANIFI provides firms with software that makes it simple for Managers to Plan Projects, get Dashboards on the go in Email, and have Portfolio views to update projects & staffing in a single screen.  Using the Schedule Managers entered Forecasts for Backlog, Billing or Revenue are created and may be edited as needed or exported to Excel.  Firms can also capture percent complete via Dashboards for Earned Value or Revenue Generation.


A Fresh Take on Project Planning.

Resource planning is only one of your project managers’ many responsibilities; and with increasing complex design software, headspace is limited. We understand your frustration! The Visual Planning Plan tab is created for project managers and discipline leads looking for simplicity in their plan creation. Make resource planning easy for projects big and small.

Easy plan creation is the first step to success:

Visibility into your project’s resources, schedule, and performance with a single click. Project and phase creation is automated with our Deltek Vision integration. Adding resources is as simple as search, then drag-and-drop onto the phase. You can even copy teams across phases or projects. Search resources by name or role.


Portfolio Views of you Project and Staffing

Plans change. Schedules shift. Making the right adjustments is critical to effective project management. The Visual Planning Manage tab is created for project managers and planners looking to keep their project portfolio under control and on track.Spend less time in meetings. No need to open 10 or more projects plans to review performance or make updates, likewise Staffing conflicts and changes can be made from a single screen with Project Financial information visible so you can see the impact changes have to project performance.

Keep plans up to date and make changes with context:

Get a 360-view of your entire project portfolio. With project actuals from Deltek Vision,make changes in a single screen with complete budget and availability context. No more flipping from screen to screen.


Get your Project Performance Dashboards, Projects Schedules, Project Deliverables Due Dates and Staffing Assignments & Budgets on the go.

Planifi provides managers with their project performance in email so they can review the information easily on the go and stay informed, with out having to remember to run a report or visit a dashboard.

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Real-time budget and schedules in Outlook

Planifi automates some of the most common Manager communication topics by automatically providing staff with the information they need know, what's their budget, what they've spent and when are the Deliverables are due. Staff can see Deliverables that Manager assign to them, as well as what projects they are scheduled to work on each week, how many hours they're scheduled to work that week and their actual budget and spent for that assignment.  Managers also benefit, by having their project schedules and deliverable due dates at their finger-tips. 

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For Finance :

Planifi Financial Projections :

A Fresh Take on Financial Projections

Planifi Financial Projections is a schedule-driven forecasting solution that empowers A/E leadership teams by improving visibility and predictability in your firm’s financial future. Eliminate risk, improve efficiency, and make more informed strategic decisions. Leverage these benefits to identify cash flow issues, reduce unwanted surprises, and increase profitability.

Eliminate Spreadsheet Risk

  • NO MORE formula errors, faulty conversions, or costly typos

  • Create a single go-to source for schedules and projections

  • Never forecast more dollars that what’s available to earn or invoice

Recover time and dollars

  • Cut administrative time in half or more

  • Eliminate collecting, verifying, and consolidating of spreadsheets

  • Your firm is burning billable hours on tedious manual entry

  • Create a schedule and remaining dollars are automatically spread month-by-month

  • PMs simply review rather than re-enter and re-key

Accelerate Decision-making

  • Establish accountability while also providing easier ways to update

  • Don’t let them hide behind admins, see who isn’t updating their numbers on time

  • Integrated with Deltek Financials

  • See real-time numbers rather than waiting on reports and out-of-date spreadsheet

Planifi Dashboards & Earned Value Capture :

Configurable Dashboards Managers can receive in Email or view on a Website

Design Professionals are often too busy to run reports or visit dashboards, but they still need real-time information. Planifi sends easily understood dashboards with the metrics or KPI's you choose to your project managers on schedule you choose.  Additionally it's often challenging to get Percent Complete status updated, now you can provide a single web page for Managers to review project Metrics and update the percent complete that the firm can use to capture Earned Value and generate Revenue.

Get Real-time information into Managers hands.

  • Next to 0 training required

  • Intuitive and configurable Metrics and Labels

  • No extra steps or software to install for managers

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Get more current project status from Manager entered Percent Complete

  • Single web page for Managers to update all project's percent complete

  • Capture Earned Value

  • Generate Revenue from Percent Complete


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