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The new Vantagepoints' APIs enable access to data retrieval from more areas – configuration, code tables (such as labor categories), and new project related data (such as contract data). This newfound accessibility enables customers to leverage their investment in Deltek like never before! In addition to having more available information, the new APIs deliver data that is much easier to work with and format.

To use the new APIs you need to first set up a client authorization to enable API calls into the Deltek Vantagepoint . Once you have completed this set up, you are able to test the APIs with our Vantagepoint API explorer tool provided below.

We created this free tool to provide Deltek Vantagepoint ’ customers the ability to test and explore their data before investing in development. This tool is completely FREE. Once you have set up your client authorization, please feel free to use the tools below and provide us feedback!


Planifi provides a visual project planning and staffing solution for architecture and engineering firms. Our software improves firm-wide performance by delivering trusted insights, better project performance, and optimized resource utilization across offices and disciplines.

Deltek for Vantagepoint is the latest cloud-based ERP software from Deltek. Vantagepoint includes project based accounting software with numerous options ranging from CRM to Time & Expenses. With a new cloud-based architecture, Deltek for Vantagepoint provides all the benefits of moving your firm’s infrastructure to the cloud – lower up-front investment, no ongoing hardware maintenance, and scalability as your firm grows.


We, as a Deltek partner, are excited for this improvement because it enables our customers to modernize their infrastructure and improve accessibility to Deltek data through Deltek for Vantagepoint new APIs (application program interface). These new APIs are a remarkable improvement over the traditional Deltek Vision APIs. In addition to offering more functionality, the new REST and JSON-based APIs are significantly faster.

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