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Collaboration and Communication  

Visibility into your project’s resources, schedule, and performance with a single click. Project and phase creation is automated with our Deltek Vision integration. Adding resources is as simple as search, then drag-and-drop onto the phase. You can even copy teams across phases or projects. Search resources by name or role.


Coordinate activity & deliverable status and due dates between employees and managers

Planifi allows managers to assign hourly budgets, deliverables and tasks to employees.  Allowing employees to stay informed and engaged, while also keeping managers updated with the status of the tasks their working on.

Easy Plan Creation is the First Step to Success:

Project performance reports via email 

Project Dashboards can be created and delivered to managers on a schedule of your choice.  Other staff and project reports can also be scheduled and delivered via email.

Tasks and deliverable tracking using Microsoft Outlook 

Deliverables and milestones can also be delivered to managers or individuals via outlook.

Real time Outlook to team members with assignments

Staff can see what their scheduled to work on each week, in addition to how many hours that task is budgeted for and how many hours they’ve used

Get a 360-view of your entire project portfolio. With project actuals from Deltek Vision, make changes in a single screen with a complete budget and availability context. No more flipping from screen to screen.

Import from Excel

Plan a project and staff in seconds

Excel templates can be used to to quickly and easily import project plans.

Keep Plans Up to Date and Make Changes With Context:

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