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Planifi makes it simple to schedule projects & staff

Visibility into your project’s resources, schedule, and performance with a single click. Project and phase creation can be imported or automated with financial system integrations. Adding resources is as simple as search, then drag-and-drop onto the phase. You can even copy teams across phases or projects. Search resources by name or role.


Intuitive Project Scheduling

Planifi is a completely schedule driven employee management tool for companies managing projects with budgets.  Interactive Gantt charts make it simple to drag and adjust schedules, that will automatically update all related staffing assignments.  Schedule dependencies can be created to automatically move all subsequent phases or tasks.

Easy Plan Creation is the First Step to Success:

  Drag and drop Gantt charts

Visual and interactive Gantt charts make it easy to schedule and update projects. 

Import from tools such as Microsoft excel 

Users can define excel templates that can be used to quickly import Project Plans from excel or csv files.

Task dependencies 

Schedules can be linked with Task dependencies, so that if one schedule changes the schedules of all dependent phases will be updated as well.

Manage project schedule with deliverable/milestones 

Deliverables or Milestones can be created to manage critical projects deadlines across projects.  Deliverables and milestones can be visualized across projects in a single screen or delivered to managers or individuals via outlook calendars.

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