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Planifi integrates real-time financial data to provide clear visibility into projected revenue, remaining backlog, and staff capacity - enabling better planning with less effort.

By automating analysis of capacity, demand, and backlog, Planifi eliminates time-consuming manual forecasting. Managers get an accurate picture of upcoming resource needs with minimal input.  Planifi puts predictive, AI-powered resource planning and optimization into managers' hands. No more flying blind - make smart resourcing decisions backed by real-time data.  Planifi saves managers time while empowering leadership with strategic planning grounded in operational realities.

Automate forecasting of Backlog Revenue or Billing, as well as staff capacity & demand.  Viewable by office, sector, region, & discipline in any combination 

The most complete project forecasting tool, that is schedule driven.  One schedule update will update Backlog, Staff availability& capacity, and Deliverables.

Planifi eliminates duplicate spreadsheets and combines all your forecasting needs from staff to backlog, tied to a single schedule to maintain.

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