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Planifi Project Analyzer Delivers Actionable Intelligence For Clark Nexsen

Let’s face it, nobody likes project meetings. In many cases, they just feel like a waste of time. This has been a problem in the industry since the beginning of time. Clark Nexsen, a fully integrated architecture and engineering firm with nearly 500 employees, 10 offices, and a global reputation for excellence in markets ranging from infrastructure to K-12 were facing that challenge. However, by using Planifi Project Analyzer & Project Visualizer, they transformed project meetings into something that delivered a better end result for both the client and the firm.

Through our regular conversations with Clark Nexsen, a longstanding Planifi customer, we realized that we needed to share their story with other architecture and engineering firms.

We sat down with Clark Nexsen’s Chief Operations Officer, Bill Keen, PE, LEED AP, to learn more about how Planifi Project Analyzer and Project Visualizer helped their firm manage continued growth, made their meetings productive, and delivered the data their leadership team needs to make better decisions.

Visibility into projects and revenue, either on an office-by-office or principal-by-principal basis has enabled real conversations about performance. Since Planifi is deployed and utilized enterprise-wide, firm leadership has the ability to analyze revenue from numerous perspectives.

This same visiblity has enabled leadership and project managers to become more proactive in planning resources. With a clear picture across offices, assigning the best resources for the job (regardless of location) has become commonplace and improved project delivery. This level of collaboration is something that Planifi Project Analyzer and Project Visualizer brings to the table.

We are always happy to hear success stories from our customers and how Planifi has helped. Bill provided so many great examples we had to write a case study, and are happy to now share that with you.


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