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Planifi’s Outlook Integration Makes Managing Project Deliverables & Schedules As Easy As

Every now and then a customer comes to you with a request that is so simple, yet so powerful, you wonder how it wasn’t built in to the product from the very beginning. The Planifi Outlook Integration is that feature for Planifi Project Analyzer.

Planifi is proud to announce that we have introduced a simple, yet powerful integration between Planifi Project Analyzer and Microsoft Outlook that allows project managers to view their assignments, project deliverables, and project schedules from within their Microsoft Outlook desktop application.

“Giving Project Managers the ability to check their project responsibilities and due dates where they already work is pretty awesome,” said Aaron Askew, Director of Resource Management at Moody Nolan, Inc. a leading A/E firm. “While it seems like such a simple thing, this makes it easier for them to stay on top of the ever-changing complexities of managing projects”.

This sentiment has been repeated by many other customers who have enabled the integration. They love the straight-forward approach and having project responsibilities in context of their other commitments has been a hit.

This really is one of those features that came about because we listen to our customers. And, when you listen to your customers, good things happen!

Oh, and the icing on the cake is how easy it is to setup. We made the installation super easy. With a couple of clicks, the connection is made and the project manager now has visibility into all of their assignments, all of the project deliverables, and the project resources. It is pretty powerful stuff, yet presented so simply!


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