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Project Dashboards for Deltek firms can start using for FREE

At PLANIFI, we've seen firms struggle to get simple understandable Metrics and KPI's out to Managers on a real-time basis, and at the same time we've seen firms get stuck trying get the right numbers into dashboard tools (that only a handful of managers visit regularly). So we've done the hard work for you and created a configurable project dashboard with up to 12 metrics you can choose and up to 5 charts, that Managers can have on a single page or up to 5 can have emailed to them, all for free. Managers are busy and often don't get a chance to visit dashboard sites or run reports, by emailing the dashboards on a scheduled basis they can have real-time data on the go, with nothing to install and no training required.

If you choose to upgrade to our Earned Value plan percent complete can also be entered while they are reviewing their projects to capture Earned Value and/or be used for Revenue Generation in Deltek. We've seen many firms not take advantage of Revenue Generation, so we will include free consultation to setup and review Revenue Generation for anyone signing up for a year.


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