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Seeing is Believing with Planifi Project Visualizer

A few ago we announced the availability of Planifi Project Visualizer. Our customers have been looking forward to this product and we were very excited to release it!

Since the release, we’ve had the chance to talk with some of our customers and hear how Project Visualizer has helped them better plan and forecast. One of the universal responses from our customers is that they loved the ability to really see into the future and make decisions based on real-time data.

“When I ask what’s coming up and what is due across all of our projects, Project Visualizer clearly and graphically answers that question,” said Charlie Williams AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Associate and Technology Director at LPA, Inc. “It’s the killer feature that motivates our designers to use Planifi Project Visualizer.”

Customers like LPA also love the ability to proactively control their resources & capacity. With Project Visualizer, they can view project activities across the entire firm – quickly compare capacity to potential new work or view by office/employee role to see who is overworked or needs more assignments! Also use this view to take the guesswork out of hiring – know exactly when, why, and where to hire new project staff.

And, best of all, they can clearly see everything in a single, graphical view. There is no need to worry about spreadsheets and formulas and data entry, all the information is at the fingertips of the project managers and displayed in an easy to understand format.

It is no wonder that the customers who have been using Project Visualizer are so happy with the results. They have more confidence in their projections and are truly believing what they are seeing.


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