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Visual Planning Software for Architects & Engineers

Visibility into your project’s resources, schedule, and performance with a single click. Project and phase creation is automated with our Deltek Vision integration. Adding resources is as simple as search, then drag-and-drop onto the phase. You can even copy teams across phases or projects. Search resources by name or role.


A Fresh Take on Project Planning

Easy Plan Creation is the First Step to Success:

Resource planning is only one of your project managers’ many responsibilities; and with increasingly complex design software, headspace is limited. We understand your frustration! The Visual Planning Plan tab is created for project managers and discipline leads looking for simplicity in their plan creation. Make resource planning easy for projects big and small.

Results Include Rate, Availability, And Skills

Planifi’s comprehensive search makes it easy to find the right resources to get the job done alongside availability.

Project Summary Details Include Fee, Plan vs. Actual, And EAC

Stay informed with complete fee and labor available details, updated real-time as you add resources to the job.

As Simple As Drag-And-Drop

Use Planifi’s drag-and-drop tools to add resources to a project and make adjustments to the schedule.

Track Team Performance And Identify Key Contributors

View assigned resources alongside budgeted hours and individual plan vs. actual

Get a 360-view of your entire project portfolio. With project actuals from Deltek Vision, make changes in a single screen with a complete budget and availability context. No more flipping from screen to screen.


Portfolio Views of your Projects & Staffing

Plans change. Schedules shift. Making the right adjustments is critical to effective project management. The Visual Planning Manage tab is created for project managers and planners looking to keep their project portfolio under control and on track. Spend less time in meetings. No need to open 10 or more project plans to review performance or make updates. Additionally, staffing conflicts and changes can be made from a single screen with Project Financial information visible so you can see the impact changes have to project performance.

Keep Plans Up to Date and Make Changes With Context:

Color Coded Projections Make it Easy to Identify Issues

See who’s busy and who’s not and identify bottlenecks in staffing without digging into spreadsheets.

Track Your Portfolio With Details Including Fee, JTD, and Plan vs. Actual

Whether you are responsible for 3 or 20+ projects, tracking them all can be a pain. Start with the big picture and drill down to a single phase to identify problems and draft solutions in the same screen.

As Simple As Drag-And-Drop

Use Planifi’s drag-and-drop tools to add resources to a project and make adjustments to the schedule.

Configurable Filters Eliminate Clutter

Configure your views with various filters or simply select “My Projects” for a quick look at your current workload.

Whether it’s one project or many, you need real-time, accurate projections to avoid surprises. Combine Planifi’s staffing and planning data with actuals from Deltek Vision in a comprehensive dashboard. Transform data into insights and beat the competition.


Firm-wide Analytics & Performance Metrics

Whether your firm is established or looking to grow, predictability is key to success. The Visual Planning Forecast tab is created for leadership teams looking to track performance metrics like utilization and profitability. Planifi allows Firms to see their staffing capacity understanding hiring needs in total, by Discipline, by Role, by Office or Studio, and any combination thereof. Firms can also see all scheduled projects and deliverables together to understand what is stopping and starting and what needs to get out the door to keep things on time. Time to trade in those out-of-date spreadsheets for powerful insights, all visual, without custom reports.

View Real-Time Analytics Across Your Project Portfolio:

Get The Big Picture, Then Drill Down And Draft Solutions All in One Screen

Start with a portfolio view and drill down to a single projectin the same screen.

Hire With Confidence

Visually see month-over-month backlog vs. capacity to determine when, where, and who to hire so your firm can deliver their best work.

Visual Dashboards for Your Next Leadership Retreat

How often have you spent the first 30 minutes of a meeting trying to find the right cell in a spreadsheet to talk about? Put Planifi up on a projector and get down to business without the shuffle.

Insights At Your Fingertips When That Great Idea Strikes, No Need to Wait on a Report

Planifi is always up to date and ready for you to sign in. Check variance on a specific client’s projects while you’re eating lunch. No more waiting for that report to be run and verified.

Schedules and Deliverables Across Your Entire Project Portfolio

Compare phase ends and deliverables across all of your projects with ease. Identify bottlenecks to avoid delays and improve client satisfaction


Design professionals can get projects schedules, project deliverables due dates and staffing assignments & budgets in Outlook

Planifi automates some of the most common Manager communication topics by automatically providing staff with the information they need to know, what's their budget, what they've spent and when are the Deliverables are due. Staff can see Deliverables that Manager assign to them, as well as what projects they are scheduled to work on each week, how many hours they're scheduled to work that week and their actual budget and spent for that assignment. Managers also benefit, by having their project schedules and deliverable due dates at their finger-tips.


Planifi supports a variety of firm workflows, from Discipline budgeting and management within project and staffing plans, to staffing requests forms Discipline leads or even staff can make that are approved and added to plans after approval, and personal weekly staff assignment views that staff can edit if they have permission.

Discipline budgets can be created per phase with budgeted hours and dollars, that is shown side-by-side with actual charges to the project by staff assigned to that discipline. No need to create extra structure or codes to manage discipline budgets.

Design Professionals can make their own staffing requests that are approved by Managers

Firms have different workflows and managers are often busy, so Planifi allows staff to make the staffing request that a manager can approve later. This can greatly improve the accuracy of Staffing and Project Performance Forecasting by keeping your project plans up to date.

Allows staff to manage their own weekly schedules if permitted.

With Planifi's Edit & View My Assignments Permission, staff can manage their weekly schedules within the context of their individual project budget assigned to them by the PM or Discipline Lead.

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