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Automating backlog and staff capacity forecasting for Architects & Engineers

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Planifi integrates real-time financial data to provide clear visibility into projected revenue, remaining backlog, and staff capacity - enabling better planning with less effort.

By automating analysis of capacity, demand, and backlog, Planifi eliminates time-consuming manual forecasting. Managers get an accurate picture of upcoming resource needs with minimal input.  Planifi puts predictive, AI-powered resource planning and optimization into managers' hands. No more flying blind - make smart resourcing decisions backed by real-time data.  Planifi saves managers time while empowering leadership with strategic planning grounded in operational realities.

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Planifi helps lean organizations do more with less: increase productivity, decrease wasted resource hours, and deliver visibility into project performance across your entire firm.

A Fresh Take on Project Planning


“A Brand new approach for planning in A/E that your project managers will actually want to use!”
                                                                                      – BUILTR.IO

Resource planning is only one of your project managers’ many responsibilities; and with increasingly complex design software, headspace is limited. We understand your frustration! Planifi is created for project managers and discipline leads looking for simplicity in their plan creation. Make resource planning easy for projects big and small.

– Bill Keen, LEED AP Chief Operations
Officer at Clark Nexsen

We have more time to devote to real project executions issues in project team meetings.”

Quickly view staff Availability across the organization

Staff Management

Planning and understanding what staff are available and who is over utilized is a core challenge for project based companies.  Planifi makes it easy to plan and understand staff availability and capacity.

Visually understand your hiring and staffing needs across disciplines, roles, offices, and more.

Capacity Management

Planifi makes it easy to understand staffing levels by resource or role type in any part of the business.  Capacity and staffing needs can be sliced and diced by any level of the organization from office, division, and more, and again by role or skills like manager, engineer, or whatever roles you use.

– Charlie Williams AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Associate
and Technology Director at LPA, Inc.

“When I ask what’s coming up or due across all our projects, [Planifi] clearly and graphically answers that question. It’s the killer feature that motivates our designers to use the product.”

– Bill Keen, LEED AP Chief Operations
Officer at Clark Nexsen

We have more time to devote to real project executions issues in project team meetings.”

Plan a project and staff in seconds

Import from Excel

Excel templates can be used to to quickly and easily import project plans.

Improve Team Coordination With Planifi’s Outlook Integration

Plans, schedules, deliverables, and assignments all update to Outlook calendars automatically.

Purpose-Built, Intuitive, & Visual

Planifi is the only solutions provider solely focused on A/E planning and staffing software. Visual Planning is purpose-built for usability by A/E project managers. In turn, this drives accurate and up-to-date data, as well as outputs specifically designed for A/E leadership teams.

Aaron Askew

“Giving project managers the ability to check their responsibilities and due dates where they already work is pretty awesome…this makes it easier for them to stay on top of the ever-changing complexities of managing projects”

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